Become part of a community of citizen activists. We may have different political views or cultural beliefs, but we listen to, and respect each other’s opinions. We work together to stop dishonesty, disinformation and hate speech online.

We believe it’s important to have honest conversations around issues such as race, gender, immigration and economic inequality, and we try to understand these issues from all sides. The world is a global place and immigrants play a vital role in a country’s economy and society. No country in the world is homogenous, and the South African Constitution recognises this: “South Africa belongs to all who live in it”.

So, be an active citizen, stand with us, have your say!

If you see dishonesty, aggression or bullying online, call it out. Right now we are focused on stopping the xenophobic #PutSouthAfricansFirst campaign. Use these hashtags to get involved:



(we’ll update the hashtags regularly, so visit this page for updates)

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