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In recent months there has been a growing conversation online using this hashtag: #PutSouthAfricansFirst.

The people leading this campaign (#PutSouthAfricansFirst) claim that they are looking out for regular South Africans. However, they have spread false stories about foreign nationals - blaming them for committing crime and stealing jobs.

These claims are not only unsubstantiated and grossly exaggerated, they are dangerous because they play on South Africans’ feelings of helplessness with the high crime, corruption and high unemployment in SA – a result of government’s failure and not because of foreign nationals. The campaign is fueling resentment and anger towards foreigners, inciting violence and calling for their deportation. This is not a workable solution and will not improve the lives of South Africans or help them get jobs.

Simply put, this campaign is xenophobic and dishonest. We stand up against it and stand together as a united and welcoming South Africa.

#WeCareZA is a collection of ordinary South Africans, coming together because we care about our country.

We need your help to combat the #PutSouthAfricansFirst xenophobic campaign.
Stand up against dishonesty, aggression or bullying.
Stand with us, join the conversation.

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